The following are a list of Questions and answers compiled by the Management of Bestworth Assets and Trust specifically aimed at facilitating a better understanding of our products and services. Please do not hesitate to make further necessary enquiries.

When was Bestworth Assets & Trust Limited formed?

Bestworth Assets & Trust Limited was incorporated in February 1996. The company was registered as a Dealing House by the Nigerian Stock Exchange and the Securities and Exchange Commission in 1998.

What is the main business undertaken by Bestworth Assets & Trust Ltd?

The primary business of Bestworth are: Stockbroking, Portfolio Management, Investment Advisory and Issuing House Activities. The company raises venture capital and manages investment funds for a wide range of corporate as well as individual clients both at home and abroad.

What makes Bestworth Assets & Trust Ltd services more rewarding?

Bestworth services are most rewarding for a number of reasons. These include the fact that all our actions and advice are based on thorough research and understanding of the operating environment.This enables us effectively identify existing and potential opportunities well ahead of our competition to the benefit of our clients. Thus we ensure maximum returns on investment and successful achievement of set targets at all times at minimal risk. Clients are kept fully informed and up- to- date at all times.

How strong is Bestworth financially?

Bestworth has an issued share capital of over =N=150 Million. The company is fully capable and prepared to further increase this figure soon. Likewise, our shareholders funds also stands at N315 Million.

What is the amount of Investments presently managed by Bestworth Assets & Trust Ltd?

Our investment portfolio at present stands at well over =N=200 billion. The invested fund come primarily from our numerous corporate and individual clients based at home and abroad.

Who are those in charge of Bestworth?

Bestworth is run by a team of highly competent, finance and investment experts headed by Mr.Sola Adeniyi,a seasoned economist and highly respected and tested well grounded stockbroker.(see the about us page for more details.)

How do I contact Bestworth Assets & Trust Ltd and make investments?

A great deal of effort has been made to ensure the fastest and most modern channels of Investment and communication have been put in place for all our clients. Clients can make direct contact by phone, E-mail or fax. All required forms have been made available for all existing and potential clients through this website to further enhance the speed of transactions. Get Contact Details & Application Forms

How do I keep track of my investments once made?

All transactions are confirmable directly from our Client Help desk by phone or e-mail or both. Accounts position statements can be requested by clients at all times from Bestworth. In addition, further clarification and confirmation can alway be obtained from the Central Securities Clearing House (CSCS).

What other value added services does Bestworth have to offer clients?

Clients who subscribe to our feedback facilities are informed immediately by telephone and/or email once their instructions are executed.