Capital Markets Overview

In response to the growing needs and complexities of the modern international business and financial market, Bestworth Assets and Trust has a unique portfolio of financial services, carefully designed and developed to effectively satisfy the needs of existing and potential clients across the globe, thus remaining a company of choice to its numerous clients. Our corporate finance group offers solutions to client's business finance needs, while our stockbroking group provides the needed intermediation between sellers and buyers of shares both in the primary and secondary market of the Nigerian Stock Exchange.
We manage portfolios of various institutions and high networth individuals as well as provide pension advisory services to various companies in the insurance, oil and gas, manufacturing sectors as well as other Business Institutions. With our experience and strong position in the finance industry, we serve as Issuing House to companies in need of funds.

Our services are rendered in a unique and outstanding way which has contributed to making us a market leader in the Finance Industry. Our core values of integrity, commitment, teamwork and professionalism have enabled us make clients keep coming back. The world financial market of today demands that investments in financial instruments can no longer be passive, but must be backed up by proactive investments decisions and services of seasoned professionals with winning strategies. We believe in delivering consistent long-term growth with low volatility and a low tolerance for loss. We aim to achieve this through dynamic asset allocation and effective diversification between a range of alpha, beta and non-correlated sources of return over time, through multi-asset class portfolios.

Since we are experts, we take time and much understanding to counsel our clients on the basics of stocks, mutual funds, annuities, and fixed-income investments etc. We can help with today's needs as well as your plans for tomorrow.